Saturday, October 24, 2009

And now some final remarks from Clay

Now all you winners, since none of you would have won if it was not for me, I will take one Hershey bar out of each of your baskets.


YAYYYYY for Tammy Fleck!!!!

Congratulations Tammy! You'll be receiving a copy of Murder by the Book, a Ward Worldwide Cookbook, a copy of Clair Poulsen's 'Dead Wrong', a copy of Gale Sears' 'Christmas for a Dollar, Mini Hershey Bars and a whole box of Moon Pies!!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for!!

I am about to draw for the grand prize in the Where in the world is Miss Eugenia? Contest.

I'm swirling my hand around in the bowl full of names now.

And the winner is...Tammy Fleck!!!!!

Congratulatons Michelle Ramos!!!

You will be receiving a copy of Murder by the Book, Shudder (by Jennie Hansen), Ward Worldwide Cookbook, Mini Hershey Bars and some Moon Pies!

I am now drawing for the 2nd Prize

And the 2nd place winner is...Michelle Ramos!!!!!

Congratulations Jolene!!!!

You are the winner of the 3rd place prize box that contains a copy of my new book, Murder by the Book, a copy of Poison, some mini Hershey Bars and some Moon Pies. I'll mail it out this week and hope you enjoy it!!!!

I'm now drawing for the 3rd Place Prize

And the winner of Third Place in the Miss Eugenia Contest is...Jolene Richmond!!!!

Congratulations Becky!!!

You are the last Honorable Mention winner and I will be mailing you a free copy of my book too. Now on to the 3rd Place Prize...

Drawing now for the 3rd Honorable Mention

And the winner is...Becky Barfuss!

Congratulations Carol!!!

Carol, I will also be sending you a free book! Now let's see who the next winner is...

And now I'm drawing for the 2nd Honorable Mention

The 2nd Honorable Mention winner is....Carol Holdaway!!!!


Congratulations Zoreatha! You will receive a free copy of my new book. Now, it's time for Clay to draw for the 2nd Honorable Mention - which will also receive a free book.

And I'm pretty excited about drawing the winners!

If everyone is ready - I'm going to draw the winners for the first Honorable Mention now. Mom says this winner gets one copy of her new book. And the winner is....Zoreatha Husky!!!!

Where in the world is Miss Eugenia? Contest Drawing

Well, here we are at the drawing for the winners of the Where in the World is Miss Eugenia? Contest. It's been fun, but it's time to bring it to a close.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can you find her?

The 'Where in the World is Miss Eugenia?' contest has begun! Go to my website ( and check my "Murder by the Book Page" for details and a list of the prizes!!