Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What goes around, comes around - sometimes

We had an interesting experience as a family a couple of weeks ago. We been dog-less (by choice) for several months. We've always had a dog and never really had time to properly train or entertain them. Besides, we've had female dogs that attracted unwanted male attention and when we had an unplanned pregnancy this past spring, we decided to find a new home for her.

We have all adjusted to our dog-less state. But then one Sunday afternoon when we came home from church there was an elderly Jack Russell terrier sitting on the front porch. At first we tried to chase her away but she wouldn't leave. She greeted each car that came up the driveway and was friendly without being pushy. She was obviously well-cared for even though she wasn't wearing a collar. So we gave her some water. And then some dog food (which she wouldn't eat) and finally some people food (which she did eat). We thought she'd be gone in the morning - but she wasn't. We moved her to the backyard and bought canned dog food (which she liked). By Weds we had named her Lucy and Butch was planning to take her to the vet to have her checked out. And that's when we saw the signs. An elderly Jack Russell terrier, lost on Sunday, and a phone number to call. The kids begged me not to call and I'll be honest, I really was tempted. But I knew I had to call and so I did. The owners were thrilled and gave me their address.

When we drove up to the house - just a few blocks away, I had to smile. Several years ago, the day after Tommy got his driver's licence, he was driving Grace's car and - just a few blocks from our house, took a turn too wide at a stop sign and hit a young man driving an old truck. When I got the call I was just sick. But fortunately the damage to both cars was minor. Grace's car just a little scratch. And the truck - which had many dents already - just had a new one above the rear tire. I knew this was an opportunity for the truck's owner to make some cash - since fixing the damage would be pointless, but Tommy had hit him and our insurance would pay. But amazingly the boy and his parents were very nice and understanding and un-greedy. They said they would hammer out the dent so it wouldn't rub the tire and not to worry about it. We were grateful. And then we had a chance to do something nice for them.

It made it a little easier to give Lucy back - but we all do miss her. And we're glad she was a part of our family for a little while.