Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can't think of a place I'd rather be...than Nauvoo with my family!!!

So Laura, Josh and Harrison arrived on Monday night and it's been great having them here. I've seen a lot more of my other kids too (since they want to visit with Laura) so that's an added bonus.

We are having a big birthday party for Butch tonight (big only because there are so many of us). During the festivities we'll discuss our past experiences in Nauvoo and our ancestors who lived there. Then we'll get a couple of hours of sleep (hopefully) and leave at 2:00 am on Thursday morning. That will put us in Nauvoo about 3:00 on Thursday afternoon - just in time to check into our log cabin lodge. We have a lot of activities planned. Some are logical - anyone would do them if they were in Nauvoo. Others are just silly traditions that we do every time we go. For those who are interested - this is our basic itinerary:

Thursday February 4th (The Journey begins…)
2:00 AM – Leave for Nauvoo (listen to City of Joseph CD)
8:30 – Stop in Paducah for Breakfast, receive N-A-U-V-O-O (similar to BINGO except cooler and more spiritual) games. There is a prize for a NAUVOO (BINGO) and a bigger prize for a blackout (covering the whole card) Participation is optional.
1:00 – Stop in Wentzville for Lunch
3:30 – Arrive in Nauvoo and check into log cabin lodge
4:00 – Some people go to Keokuk and stock up on groceries while others rest/enjoy lodge-living
5:30 – Pizza for dinner (picked up in Keokuk)
6:00 – Drive around Nauvoo again. See the river and temple at night.
7:00 – Go back to lodge. Relax/go to bed

Friday February 5, 2010 (We can’t believe we’re really here!!!)

8:00 – The Big Breakfast (prepared by Dad with minimal assistance from Mom – clean up crew a representative from each family to be determined by each family)
9:00 – Leave authentic log cabin lodge. Visit the Prophet’s cabin and the graves. Look at the Brick Store and Mansion House. Drive down Parley Street, read the signs. Get out and stand on the water’s edge and be glad we don’t have to walk across it to Salt Lake. Drive by the corner lot Lindsay Anderson Brady owned.
10:00 – Go to the City of Joseph Stage. Walk around, reminisce, dance, sing, cry. Stand in our Angel Spot with additional family members and be glad we have each other.
10:30 – Go to visitor’s center. Look around. Watch the Movie.
12:00 – If weather permits – take a wagon ride (snow is predicted so this is probably out)
1:00 – Go back to our Lodge for sandwiches
2:00 – Visit historic sights (maybe break up into smaller groups so everybody can see what they want to most) – Blacksmith’s shop (nail ring), Brickyard (Nauvoo brick souvenir), Browning Gun Place, Bakery (get a free gingerbread cookie that ain’t too great), Assembly Hall where Emma and Joseph danced on a rare happy occasion, Family Living Center (shows how they made bread, you get a rope souvenir, show how they made quilts, etc), Community of Christ visitor’s center and any of their property (if it’s open)
4:00 – Go back to Lodge. Get ready for trip to Keokuk
4:30 – Drive to KFC in Keokuk. Buy chicken. Lots of chicken.
5:00 – Arrive at our spot across the river from Nauvoo. Eat chicken while gazing at the temple.
5:30 – Drive back to Nauvoo
6:00 – Arrive at our Lodge. Rest. Change. Relax.
6:45 – Leave for Rendezvous at Old Nauvoo at the Assembly Hall
8:00 – Clap for the old folks and tell them they did a good job. Go back to our lodge.
Relax, rest, discuss our experiences, share funny moments

Saturday February 6, 2010 (Look at us – we’re in NAUVOO)
Breakfast – self-serve (cereal, poptarts, etc.)
8:00 – Leave for endowment session at temple
10:30 – Baptismal session at the temple
12:00 – Go back to Lodge and get everybody and go to Carthage
12:30 – Eat lunch at Dairy Queen
1:00 – Go through the tour at Carthage
2:30 – Drive back to Nauvoo
3:00 – Go down Main Street and Mulholand Street, get souvenirs, fudge, bookstore, visit any other historical places we didn’t get to see on Friday
4:30 – Go to Ducks and buy some last minute supplies and snacks
5:00 – Dinner (Leftovers of all the stuff we bought and didn’t eat yet)
6:00 – Watch Nauvoo Pageant DVD (eat popcorn, Junior Mints, other movie snacks)
8:00 – Talk about our experiences and how much we love each other. Everyone be prepared to share your favorite Nauvoo experience. (I got Tommy to email me one so I'll share one for him)
9:00 – We drive around Nauvoo for a little while. Go back to the lodge - Relax, talk, Scrabble (only Nauvoo-related words), go to bed whenever

Sunday February 7, 2010 (All good things must come to an end – but they are still good things and we’ll always have our memories…)
Breakfast – Orange Danish Rolls, Chocolate Milk, Cereal, etc.
Make one last drive around Nauvoo.
Leave (Listen to Pageant Music)
Go to St. Louis and take Josh, Laura and Harrison to the airport for their flight to Salt Lake.
Drive home.
Start planning for next year…


Don and Sherry said...

Hey Betsy, my friend Sandy gave me your blog site. We had great plans to go to hear you talk the other night (I am the one that planned it!!)and I came down with a horrible case of stomach virus. All my other friends got to go. Honestly I never get sick. But I would of loved to have heard you speak. You wouldn't be speaking anywhere near Huntsville soon would you. I would love to ask you a few questions. Thanks. :) Sherry

Sandy said...

Hi Betsy, Yes, we absolutely loved your fireside. It was so much fun!! I was very uplifted. You are an awesome speaker. Debbie, your SIL, one of my best friends, has always spoken of you and how funny and great that you are. It is true!!

Sandy said...

PS: My family and I LOVE Nauvoo as well. We did most of the things that were in your itinerary!

Julie said...

Sounds wonderful! Hope you're having a great time and being careful. :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

How amazingly fun! I've told my husband that when our kids are just a smidge older, we're going to head back and check out all the church history sites all the way back to Vermont. I can't wait!

喜早 said...
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