Friday, June 25, 2010

Surrendering to the Monster List /Love the One You're With

List Obsesson -

I am a list-making addict. I admit it. And even though I know that if I would spend more time doing the things I need to do instead of reorganizing them on lists - I would get more accomplished. But I can't help myself. So in anticipation of the next 3 weeks when I will be flying back and forth across the country, welcoming a new grandchild into the world, pampering the new little mother, welcoming home a returning missionary and trying to be a wife/mother long distance my list-making obsession soared to new heights.

I made a list that was so comprehensive, so lofty (it even includes replacing some sheetrock in the laundry room that was removed a year ago to do a plumbing repair) and so optimistic that I've been calling it The Monster List. Every day I make adjustments (this means I add all the things from yesterday that I didn't accomplish to today's portion of the to-do list) and mark things off as they get done. In my defense - I did do a lot of things. But because of the sheer number of things that have now landed on 'today' - I accept that I will not get it all done. I will not sheetrock the laundry room. I will not paint the living room or finish painting my bedroom (a project that was mostly completed duirng spring break). I may not have my house spotlessly clean when I leave. But now it's time to turn my focus to packing and preparing for my trip - since I leave in about 24 hours.

Always missing someone -

I am so excited to get to Idaho and spend some time with Emily and Laura and Josh and Harrison. And obviously I can't wait to meet little baby 'whatshisname'. I have been looking forward to it for months now and feel so blessed that the Lord opened the way for me to be able to go - not once - but twice to visit this summer. But while I am gone I will miss Jamie's 25th birthday (making his cake and a Mexican fiesta for my family to eat without me on Sunday in his honor is on the Monster List), I will miss Aaron's 24th birthday (Grace is making a pie for his birthday 'cake' and he will be honored at the Mexican fiesta as well), and I will miss Clay's 13th birthday (I'm taking him and some friends to see Karate Kid today as an advance celebration and then Cathy and Grace are going to make him a cake and fix his birthday dinner next weekend). Not to mention that Butch and Andy - who both work very hard - will have to fend for themselves food-wise and laundry-wise while I'm gone. And Grace won't have anyone to feel sorry for her because she doesn't feel good while she's pregnant. I won't be here to babysit for Cathy while she attends to her Young Women duties. And I won't see my Alabama grandchildren for 2 weeks. Weds night when I was saying goodbye to Andie (Cathy and her family were leaving for vacation on Thurs) I asked her what I was going to do if I couldn't see her face for 2 weeks. She shook her head and said, "Probably cry." She's probably right.

But anyway, I'm trying to ignore the negatives and concentrate on the happiness and blessings the next few weeks will bring. I pray that Laura will finish this pregancy easily and safely. I pray that little 'whoever' will arrive healthy and quickly so I can have them settled as much as possible before I have to leave to come home. I pray that Tommy will make it across the world without incident and return to us. I'm afraid that I weary the Lord sometimes. I do pray a lot! Thanks goodness I know He's always listening!!!!


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Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Good luck with everything, Betsy! I'm a list-maker too, and more often than not, my list items get carried over one, two, three days...

Be safe and enjoy your time with the new little one!