Monday, January 23, 2012

Time keeps FLYING!!!

I don't know what happened to 2011 - it seemed to just disappear. And 2012 is off to a quick start too! We welcomed in the new year at Smith Lake. We rented a nice house with plenty of room so all of us could be together for a few days. The grandchildren loved playing with each other. Banx was hugging Harrison and his mother told him to let go. He said, "But I LOVE him!" Harrison was running around the island in the kitchen and his mother told him to stop. He said, "But I'm really SUPER fast!" Andie brought her tricycle and was very nice to share it with her cousins. As she would take off down the driveway with either Banx or Harrison riding on the back she'd say, "I'm going to college like Emily!" I told Abbie that I was so happy to have everyone together but hated that we weren't in Nauvoo (where we've gathered for the past two years). She said, "Let's pretend like we're there!" Atticus and Scarlett and Thad don't say much but they give lots of sweet kisses. I enjoyed every minute of their company.
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My children and their spouses had a good time together too. They flew kites and watched ballgames and played charades and set off fireworks and made gingerbread houses and ATE. My father came and visited with us for awhile on Sunday and brought lots of University of Alabama memorabilia. It was wonderful - but like Harrison - it went by SUPER fast. Laura and Harrison and Emily and I went down to see my grandmother at Extendicare one day while they were here. Then they went home and Tommy went back to BYU and school started here. I'm sorry it's over but so thankful we had the chance to be together for a little while. I am related to some really great folks!!!

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