Thursday, August 28, 2008


I really intended to do a weekly blog and in the future I will - but (and I really hate to admit this) I forgot my own password for the blog and kept forgetting to ask Emily what it was. I finally had to email her at work to find out!!!! So now I have it safely recorded in my inbox and this shouldn't be a problem again.

Things are going well at the Green household. Just busy like everyone else. I'm really starting to enjoy my job. It's still a little stressful and makes it hard to accomplish the other things I need to - but working with the kids is very rewarding.

In book news - Above and Beyond and Spirit of Christmas should hit bookstore shelves in just over a month. I hope to have my copies by the end of that first week of October if not before. I'll mail out my preorders immediately. I am trying hard to make sure I keep careful track of all orders. But if you place a preorder and don't recieve your books/cds by the middle of October let me know. My biggest fear is that I'm going to forget someone!!!

And I've started on the final book in the Duty Series. My original plan was to do a Haggerty book next (and I've got it more than half written). But when I was doing the final edit of Above and Beyond I started getting so many ideas about how to resolve the story - I decided just to go ahead and do that book for March (when Covenant wants another one). The Christmas book has a Haggerty story in it - so hopefully that will tide the Haggerty Junkies over until Fall. And this way we can get Dane and Savannah settled!!!


MomR said...

Acutally my last comment I put on the former blog page should have been on this one. Check it out, please.

Renee from IF ♪♪

Jenn said...

Sister Green,
I met you last year during a book signing in Twin Falls and bought your Hazardous Duty book...then this soon as Above and beyond hit the shelves here in Twin Falls, Idaho, I bought it! (as did many of my friends) Now...We're all impatiently waiting for the next in the series. I want you to know that you have a group of people who enjoy your stories and the characters in them. I personally appreciate having good books to read and appreciate you for sharing your talents with all of us!
Thank you for not burying your talents!
Jennifer Jones

Anna said...

I have to tell you that I absolutely love this series. I've loved every book you've written, but this one is my current favorite. I am so glad you decided to finish the series and that the last one is coming out in March. I would hate to have to wait a year or two for the next book.

Keep up the awesome novels. :)

Addie said...

I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE YOUR BOOKS! They are so much fun to read. I read because I like to escape my world for a while and your books do just that for me. I read Above and Beyond in one night. :) I couldn't put it down. And then I was disappointed because I already finished it. So I just read it again..Anyway, I'm excited that you are coming to Utah around Thanksgiving. I live in Bountiful and I work at the Deseret Book in Bountiful. I was hoping you would come to our store..but alas it is Seagull instead. :) Oh well. I will try to get over there to meet you. Thanks for writing such great books. You are my favorite LDS fiction writer.

~Addie from West Bountiful, Utah

*CAILEY* said...

Dear Betsy- hey! I am a huge fan of your books and really appreciate them! I'm pretty sure I have read every one except the newest one but I am reading the first of the series again first. I love writing and you are a huge inspiration to me! i was wondering if there was a way to email you. thanks! -cailey