Friday, July 23, 2010

Safe Haven - taking a pro-active step toward family safety

We live in a world full of amazing technology. I can remember - not that many years ago - when a computer was an incredible luxury. Today everyone has access to a computer and most have laptops (of some variety) that are portable and accessible almost anywhere. And now - the newest way to keep in touch with everything - is the iPhone. It seems that we are moving in the direction of one device that will eventually replace personal computers and handle all our communication needs. And while this is happening so fast that its kind of scary for older folks like me - I can see the potential for good. Especially when there are heroes like my son-in-law, Josh Farrer, working to use this technology to make the world a safer place for children.

Josh and some friends have developed an app for the iPhone called Safe Haven (learn more by visiting the website at You can be notified when a child goes missing in your area and you can be notified when a child predator moves into your area. The app provides a current list of missing children and their pictures so if you see a child that fits the description, you can compare to the actual picture. There is also a current list of child predators and their pictures.

The thing I love most about this is the proactive, empowering affect it will have on child-searches. I think I can safely say that having a child kidnapped is every parents' worst nightmare. I had a friend who's child wandered off and was missing for several hours. She said she never truly understood the phrase from the Bible about 'pray without ceasing' until that experience. I think we can all imagine the horror, but I hope that the helplessness that has accompanied these situations in the past - while parents waited for the police to find their child - will be diminished by this new app. Parents, friends, neighbors and total strangers can all work together to become a finding force - and the kidnapper's worst nightmare. The fact that through this app information gets out so fast and is so accurate will be a huge help in finding children and (I hope) a deterrent to predators who steal children. The key is to get this app onto as many iPhones as possible and thereby increase the finding force when a child is missing.

Every time this app is purchased the world becomes a little bit safer place. I am so proud of Josh for putting so much time and effort into creating something with so much potential for good. And I urge everyone to invest in protecting our children (and pass the word along!)


Janet said...

Betsy, I'm so excited to have found your blog! I will put you in my google reader and keep up with your life. I, also, am a crazy list maker! I'm trying to tone it down and little and live in the moment more. Remember when we designed our dream homes and named our children in 6th grade in Texas? I really did have six children, three girls and three boys, just like I planned! I'm glad to keep in touch with you.

Betsy Brannon Green said...

Of course I remember the time we spent planning our future - styling our hair and moving your bedroom furniture!!! Those were great times. I didn't use any of the names I'd chose (my children are thankful) and I ended up with 8 instead of 10 - but I'm not complaining! It's so good to be back in touch.