Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tommy's Home!!!

We are so thankful to have him back safe and sound. I can't believe he's already been here almost a month. And I really can't believe that he's about to leave us again. But at least he'll be closer and we can talk to him on the phone. I've learned to search for the positives in my life!

A couple of days after he got home we were gathered for Family Night and didn't really have anything planned so Butch asked Tommy if he could just talk about his mission. Tommy was a little unsure of what to say - since he'd talked about it so much over the past few days. Clay reassured him by saying, "We're interested in anything you say." I thought that was so cute and so true!

Then on Sunday night we were gathered again - just talking. I made some comment and the conversation took a turn in that direction. Finally Andy said, "Is Tommy ever going to start talking about Africa again because if not I'm going to bed."

So you see how it is here.

Welcome Home Tommy!!! We missed you and it's great to have you back!

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